Creating memorable experiences that connect brands to users.

From AR and VR to in-store activations, experiential marketing brings brands to life. Fueled by a deep understanding of your audience, experiential content can create an emotional connection between your brand and customers.

With a background steeped in digital and technology, we love creating multi-sensory, multi-channel activations. Our team of creatives and technologists bring curated experiences to life, making your brand matter more by crafting a memorable brand experience.


  • DOOH
  • AR / VR
  • Retail Environments
  • Event Marketing + Design

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Clayton Dant Clayton

Dant Clayton

We provided Dant Clayton with an experiential online portfolio, putting users in Dant Clayton’s seats during an event. We also created two digital ads, taking users out of a tradeshow or magazine and immediately into an arena.


Logic + Magic

Logic+Magic is a biannual magazine produced into in-house, written by experts within (human)x. We have created digital experiences on the covers of our magazines to provide a non-traditional experience to an other traditional form of advertising.


LensCrafters was able to match glasses to their consumers through in-store experiences, but the eyewear brand wanted to create the same experience digitally using an app that asked shoppers specific questions to match their eyewear to their eye needs.

We Thrive! BTS

We share a behind-the-scenes look at our digital out of home pop up with Hamilton County, Ohio initiative with Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s WeThrive campaign

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