ACCO, a top seller in school supplies like Trapper Keeper, Five Star and Mead, wanted their website to perform better, drive engagement and sell products. Leap was the perfect partner to help them achieve those goals, thanks to our advanced SEO audit experience.

Leap performed a 3-phase audit of Mead Online’s website as follows:

  • Mapped out the most viewed pages, key metrics, and mobile versus desktop engagement.
  • Measured the user demographics and overall traffic of the site.
  • Discovered page clicks were down from previous years, significantly after back-to-school season is over.
  • Concluded that mobile optimization could help drive traffic.
  • One aspect of the website that was working dramatically was the sweepstakes content.
  • Sweepstakes page had the most views and the most referrals, with nearly one in four website users visiting the contest page, and more than 30,000 sweepstakes entries.

ACCO has been thrilled with the large amount of beneficial data this process produced. They’ve now asked Leap to use this data to continuously optimize their site’s mobile experience and drive user engagement.

“The relationship with ACCO provided Leap a tremendous opportunity to work with brands at the forefront of the office and school supplies industry in Mead, Trapper Keeper, and Five Star.” – Timothy Sauer, Ph.D. Leap Research and Analytics Specialist