Leap CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW With Our Transitions Lenses Account

can see clearly now with our transitions lenses account

Transitions Lenses needed a digital partner to develop a new loyalty project. Leap beat out the competition with the help of Transitions’ traditional agency, Brandwith, in Indianapolis.

We are creating an employee incentive program that will encourage employees to be the best performers.

We’d Like to Introduce You to GAMIFICATION

  • Employees would perform certain tasks, and receive points accordingly.
  • Sign up a new doctor’s office? You get a point.
  • Place a new trial order? That’s another point.

Take A Look

Transitions adaptive lenses are everyday lenses for your glasses that automatically adjust from clear to dark, based on the current lighting you’re in, whether outside or inside. With such an innovative product, Transitions wanted a way to encourage their employees to stand out.

To put this project into play, we concluded we need a survey of top performing sales people at transitions and other industries, to figure out top producing sales techniques. What was happening to get top sales numbers?

Next Up  

  • Host focus group interviews with some of these identified sales people from Transitions.
  • Produce all of the survey development, distribution, data collection and recommendations based on the collected trends.

As of now, we are in the initial research phase. Our end goal is to develop the actual contest interface. We look forward to continuing our research and partnership with Transitions Lenses!