Leap Manufactures New Ideas with Integra

manufactures new ideas with integra

Integra’s branches of surgical manufacturers make equipment such as scopes, Mayfield Clamps, and other metal surgical equipment. Not only have they acquired these manufacturers, but Integra also makes their own equipment which they sell to hospitals and operating rooms, internationally. But how can they take this a step further?

Leap’s Operation

We came on board when Integra decided to launch their new service –  Surgical Asset Management and onsite Instrument Repair. The long-term goal is to become a proactive partner to operating room coordinators. Ultimately, Integra wants to help improve surgeon relationships and patient outcomes.

A Healthy Future Ahead

Leap is the ideal partner due to our ability to guide them through research and development of launching new services.

“We are excited to be partnering with Brandwith, Market Vision and Integra to develop new and innovative ideas and push Integra to think beyond what is today. Everyone has been great to work with!” – Bridgid Agricola, Leap Creative Director