A Chat with Timothy Sauer, Ph. D. – Creator of Leap Panel

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Who/What is Leap Panel?

Leap Panel is an online consumer panel. It is our tool for gauging the public’s opinion.

The panel can be used to collect research data using a variety of methodologies: surveys, one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and product testing.

How did you come up with the idea?

I had been toying with the idea of building a consumer panel for several years, going back to my time as an independent research contractor. When I came to Leap, one of the first projects that I worked on required the purchase of data from a national research panel. I thought to myself, we shouldn’t be paying for these responses when we can source and collect it all ourselves.

How did you bring Leap Panel to life?

I proposed the idea shortly thereafter. It came on the heels of the previously mentioned project. My argument was simple. It will save us the costs of respondent data and can be turned into a revenue source.

Mike was immediately receptive and took the idea up the chain. The process was collaborative – involving creative, development, and the support of the agency. With the infrastructure in place, we took to the streets to build the panel, signing up panelists at several local events. Again, relying on the support of the agency. Several people gave up their beautiful fall weekends to man the booths with me.

Why is Leap Panel beneficial to the members?

Panelists benefit from having a platform to share their opinion about various topics and products. In addition, participation in an online survey qualifies the participant for a prize drawing and all face-to-face interviews, focus groups, and product testing come with additional compensation.

Signup and refer your friends to leappanel.com

Why is Leap Panel beneficial to our clients?

Clients benefit from having access to a variety of in-house research options. Leap has the capability to assist clients in any step of the research process, from problem identification, methodology, data collection, and analysis.

What’s the future of Leap Panel?

The next steps are to continue to market Leap Panel as both a service to clients and panelists. We will be present at several Louisville and Cincinnati events this Spring so stop by and say hello.