Leap conducted a multistage research project for Transitions Optical with three major objectives: (1) to determine the feasibility of an engagement and incentive program that rewarded optical sales professionals, (2) to explore what motivated these sales professionals to prioritize Transitions products over competitor brands, and (3) to assess the perception of current resource offerings provided by Transitions.

The project began with a series of focus groups held at Transitions Academy in Orlando, FL. These focus groups provided rich contextual insights into sales professionals’ perceptions of current Transitions support and resources, as well as valuable feedback on the proposed engagement program. The findings informed the development of the quantitative survey that was electronically deployed to a national sample of optical sales professionals, in an effort to validate the focus group findings.

Several major findings and key insights were revealed in the research study. Although the sales force feels supported, the data revealed that this support has not improved in recent years. They want more quality educational resources and incentives that really push them to set the bar high when selling Transitions lenses. Additionally, findings from both the focus groups and survey provided evidence of high interest in an engagement program for sales professionals. Our insights provided a framework for the proposed program based on empirical evidence from the future consumers of such a program. We then relayed this information to Transitions, and they were ready to get started with these improvements!

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