Generate ROI with Marketing Automation + CRM Integration

Marketing automation is not a new trend but integrating it with CRM systems is a growing one. New developments in machine learning, AI, and advanced marketing automation software now allow businesses to leverage CRM integration and marketing automations to increase sales productivity, reduce overhead, and scale businesses more quickly and efficiently than ever before. These vital integrations enable businesses to collect key information about their audience, develop better campaigns, and increase marketing ROI.

While traditional CRM focuses on gathering data on existing customers and managing sales funnels, marketing automations foster direct communication with potential and current consumers and target audiences to better inform future marketing campaigns and decisions. Since CRM predominantly drives sales and marketing automations inform lead generation, combining the two allows companies to convert insights from both systems to develop successful campaigns that create seamless consumer buying journeys.

With marketing automations helping 76% of companies to generate a return on investment within the first year and 44% of companies to generate ROI within six months, it’s clear that integrating these two systems into your marketing automation strategy can exponentially increase revenue. That’s because this integration can help with a wide range of marketing tasks, such as:

  • Increasing and nurturing leads
  • Driving conversions
  • Improving customer engagement
  • Upselling products
  • Scheduling social media posts
  • Personalizing post-purchase email campaigns
  • Increasing marketing productivity and performance
  • Improving campaign measurability

(human)x’s Integration Capabilities

Increasingly, companies are beginning to seek out a digital marketing agency as their agencies of record, and here’s why: they understand the value of CRM and marketing automation capabilities in deepening customer relationships, and they don’t want to miss out. In fact, CRM agencies of record are becoming so increasingly utilized that Michelin recently named Ogilvy as its official CRM agency of record…and if Michelin is taking advantage of this integration, it’s likely that other businesses will follow suit.

(human)x creates individualized marketing automation strategies for each of our marketing automation clients that are tailored to each company’s specific needs. With 75% of all companies already using at least one kind of marketing automation tool, it may be time for your brand to incorporate CRM into your marketing automation strategy. To best illustrate the ways (human)x can elevate your business’s marketing automation strategy, here are a few key benefits to partnering with Leap:

  • (human)x is a HubSpot Agency partner. Choosing Leap as your marketing agency of record gives your business access to HubSpot software without paying the HubSpot onboarding fee.
  • (human)x’s team is HubSpot certified. We offer our clients a team of certified experts who know HubSpot inside and out. HubSpot can be overwhelming after initial signup, but our team guides clients through onboarding, gives them easy access to training materials, and helps them progress from developing initial automations to completing CRM and automation workflows.
  • (human)x also routinely works with Salesforce, Mailchimp, Trumpia, and Marketo, which means the Leap team can also help guide your business through the onboarding and automations process across multiple platforms.
  • (human)x offers our clients highly effective marketing automations, such as SMS sales pushes to exclusive text message members, to propel our clients’ ROI even further

(human)x is results and optimization driven. Our marketing team’s expertise in HubSpot and other CRM software integrations can provide your business with a clearer view of your data across your MarTech stack to uncover new customer insights and track your conversions seamlessly. Because the Leap team is certified for a variety of platforms, we make it easier for our clients to market less and matter more. Find out how (human)x can increase leads, improve customer engagement, and generate a higher ROI for your business with a CRM-integrated marketing automation strategy today