Leap Group is proud to be an LGBTQ-owned-and-led company.

Daniel Knapp|

Co-founder, owner, and CEO Dan Knapp developed Leap’s workspace with inclusion in mind. A diverse team assists cross-cultural brainstorming and innovation, returning a stronger, more thoughtful product. But inclusion is more than a business tool — it’s the right thing to do.

“I am proud of the multi-faceted identity of so many on our team, myself included, and I am humbled by the inclusive workplace everyone has worked hard to build at Leap,” Knapp said. “The road to progress is sometimes long and usually bumpy, but it is always worth the journey.”

The Leap team promotes safety and inclusivity in the workspace — but those are rights that marginalized communities still struggle to secure in their personal and professional life.

In our home base of Kentucky, there exist no statewide nondiscrimination laws explicitly protecting citizens based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The LGBTQ community relies on local nondiscrimination ordinances and other nondiscrimination laws to protect them in the workforce, housing, public accommodations and credit and lending.

We believe that together, we can make a change. By impacting legislation and culture, our community can create a safe and inclusive world for all. We encourage you to join us in uplifting the LGBTQ community this Pride Month by supporting the following local social justice organizations:

Queer Kentucky is a Louisville-based nonprofit organization that produces an online publication on LGBTQ and diversity issues. Organizers also offer workplace inclusivity education programs.

Kentucky Fairness Campaign is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the legislative advocacy for the LGBTQ community’s civil rights. One of their concerns is establishing more nondiscrimination policies in Kentucky.

Louisville Pride Foundation is a charitable organization that seeks to enrich the city’s LGBTQ community, promote unity with allies, and advance equity and representation. Organizers use donations for local youth programs and community activities.