Market Research: Our Process in 8 Steps

At (human)x, we play a critical role in the world of digital marketing and insights. In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, effective marketing research is a cornerstone of success, and we stand out as a prominent player in this arena. We take pride in our commitment to delivering comprehensive insights that are tailored to our clients’ unique business objectives and the needs of their target audiences. Ultimately, bridging the gap between data and actionable strategies.


Our 8-step marketing research process journey begins with an evaluation of the digital competitive landscape. We leave no stone unturned when examining our clients’ websites, SEO strategies, and social media presence. This comprehensive audit forms the foundation upon which we build data-informed decision-making and effective strategic planning. The marketing research experts at (human)x share their 8-step marketing research process in this infographic:

(human)x employs a robust 8-step marketing research process, from digital audits to actionable insights, benefiting clients with limited in-house resources and ensuring data-driven, unbiased marketing strategies.

Partnering with a marketing research agency such as (human)x IS beneficial when our clients have limited in-house resources or expertise. We offer impartial research and a wealth of insights, providing a balanced perspective that helps our clients navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. For those seeking a deeper understanding of our holistic approach, we invite you to explore our informative blog, here.