Keeping the Drive Alive

U-Pull & Pay

The junk yard just got way cooler.

What we did:

  • Audience Research + Insights
  • Audience Segmentation + Targeting
  • Persona Development
  • Market Assessment
  • Brand Satisfaction
  • Digital Transformation
  • Brand Strategy

Rebuilding a car is a lot like rebuilding a brand. That’s why we gave U-Pull & Pay a strong alignment of target, communication parameters, and a big idea to propels them to a record breaking year of in-store visits and ad engagement.

Human Insight

Audience research gave us the human insights we needed to create a breakthrough communication strategy powered by brand planning, strategy, analytics, and creative for the underdog of the junk yard with a regional portfolio of locations.

Business Potential

We re-launched U-Pull & Pay’s website to give our self-sufficient audience the resources they needed and boost brand affinity and loyalty. We also launched “Keep the Drive Alive,” a national campaign with traditional and digital elements that created an emotional connection with our customers and helped U-Pull gain total category ownership.

Executional Details

Finally, we produced some swag and revved up a recruitment campaign with a record number of applicants in a very competitive summer. By connecting human insight with business potential we took U-Pull from zero to sixty and have the pride of making the junk yard cool and sexy.

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‘Sell Your Car’ Form
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Recall Lift Fate
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