Solutions for Women

B2C, CPG, Healthcare

As the trend toward all-natural substances continues to rise, Solutions for Women saw a need for all-natural solutions to menopause.


We wanted the brand to be clean, sophisticated and memorable. We helped transform Solutions for Women from an unknown label into a trusted voice of a friend.

Product Personalization

Our enhanced search feature as well as analytics strategy allowed us to implement personalized product suggestions that provide the customer an efficient and easy way to complete their order with every part they will need, based on their search and order history.



And, in order to ensure the easiest user experience to its growing consumer base, we added an e-commerce section to their website so shoppers can buy Solutions for Women’s products directly from the site.

We included an e-commerce strategy to develop an infrastructure that would house their products and track inventory, alerting both the brand and the consumer if a product was ever out of stock.

The e-commerce section became a focal point of the website, providing education for the products and their purpose, as well as a point of sale.

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