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Rapid-Rooter needed an SEO program to improve search engine visibility and business sales.

The manufacturing company’s website had low visibility and low form submissions from organic search. Our team helped them come up with goals and objectives when it came to their SEO strategy:


  • Educate users via content on the website.
  • Create and repurpose priority blog content in formats targeting the SERP.
  • Deliver qualified leads to local shops.
  • Explore lead generation site functions, such as a virtual chat.


  • Increase organic sales leads by 10% in one year.
  • Increase organic referral traffic to rapidrooter.com by 15% YoY.
  • Increase total external links by 5% YoY.

Persona Development

In order to properly optimize and target Rapid Rooter’s audience, our research and insights team created personas for the brand.

Our Customer Panel team performed stakeholder interviews with Rapid-Rooter’s C-level team to fully understand Rapid-Rooter’s full product line, their target audience and the manufacturing brand’s goals.

SEO Strategy

We took Rapid-Rooter through our SEO process, including research, strategy, measurement plans and optimization features:


  • Continued meta-optimization.
  • Site functions, including a chat feature.
  • Content expansion.


  • YouTube expansion.
  • Content distribution and link earning.
  • Rating and reviews encouragement.

Content Strategy

The next step was setting up a content strategy. Within 3 months, we wanted to accomplish the following priorities:

Update and optimize dated blog content.

Create new content focused on Rapid-Rooters product line and focused toward a specific demographic.
Post the new content on Google Posts.
(after 3 mos.) Create DIY and instructional video content to be included in old and new blog posts.
Additional keyword research also uncovered top ranking words to optimize when creating content for Rapid-Rooter.


The content was all updated, but needed a strategy to be posted.

We developed a content calendar that would ensure Rapid-Rooter’s website was updated on a regular basis – twice a month – triggering Google’s algorithm and ranking their site higher and higher.

Search Intent

We leverage heatmapping tools to allow us to get to know your website audience’s behavior better.
Our research + insight team was able to deploy a search intent study to better understand plumber acquisition – something Rapid-Rooter tries to prevent with its products.By understanding what consumers search for when needing a plumber, Rapid-Rooter could then target those keywords and provide another solution to a plumber.


Once the plan was established, our relationship with the manufacturing brand continued. In order to ensure their SEO remains on the first page of a simple Google search, we conduct recurring site audits, including:
  • Technical Errors
  • Image Alt Text
  • Meta-data
  • Duplicate Content
  • Broken Links

Matter More

Once tracking was set up, our analytics + insights team was able to alter our
strategy in real-time based on insights from monthly performance activity.
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