Banking on a
Global Presence


What we did:

  • Audience Research
  • Strategy + Consulting
  • Creative
  • Customer Experience + UX
  • Website + Platforms
  • Global Geo-targeting
  • Translation Services in 5 languages
  • Search
  • Marketing Performance
  • Analytics + Dashboarding

Fiserv, a Fortune 500 company, led international brands in e-commerce systems. But their own brand presence did not adequately display the scope and breadth of its products and solutions. They needed a world-class, multilingual website and integrated communication strategy to connect with clients.

Fiserv was delivering excellent user design through e-commerce, so their own site needed to deliver the same experience, showcasing its industry leadership and ability to accommodate multiple languages.

Due the nature of their business, Fiserv needed to update content on their site quickly. (human)x built an advanced workflow solution and CMS that translated any content into five languages:






Geo-targeted Content And User-flow By Region

Because Fiserv is an international business, their products and solutions varied by user’s location. (human)x built an UX tool that took into account a user’s locaion, showing them only the Fiserv products available in their area.

Communications Strategy

We developed an integrated digital communications platform, inclusive of ongoing email marketing, to notify current Fiserv customers of the new website, and new solutions and product bundles. Separated by region, this has proven effective for Fiserv to generate new leads, as well as showcase new features and services to upsell current customers on additional products.

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