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Evenflo was the one-stop shop for baby gear: car seats, baby gates, baby bathing products, etc. But their digital presence had expectant mothers going elsewhere for similar products.

We worked with the baby brand on its digital strategy, research, design, UX and UI in order to hit their target audience.


Their target audience was The Savvy Parent – the parent that aims to do more with less, create new experiences for their family, and be in all the right places at the right times with exactly what everyone needs.

Having had experience with baby CPG products for other clients, (human)x knew that moms’ online shopping habits are thorough and well-researched. We started by diving deep into Evenflo’s buyer’s entire path to purchase.

Branded Website

We used our research to drive the design of the new Evenflo website.
Over 100 wireframes led to the final design of a completed customer experience we knew moms wanted when shopping for baby products online.

The savvy parent wanted to learn from Evenflo’s products, not inform themselves before shopping for items their growing family needs.


We made Evenflo’s website even more accessible for expectant mothers by providing e-commerce on their website. This way, once a mother made a decision about the type of product she wants to buy, she could buy it directly from the website.

Once a purchase was made, that parent was a part of the Evenflo’s community of Savvy Parents. They could continue to receive information regarding Evenflo’s products and why the products could benefit their family.

The website utilized geofencing technology, which will text consumers coupons and other offers from Evenflo based on a shopper’s physical location.

And if the parent needs information about Evenflo products while shopping, the site features UPC scanning, which will provide consumers product information if they’re at a retail location.

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