Big Book of Boo Boos​

Doc McStuffins

Helping a children’s museum increase exhibit engagement.

What we did:

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  • Digital Transformation
  • Brand Strategy

We knocked the McStuffins out of this app by helping the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis increase their exhibit engagement.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis partnered with Disney to host a Doc McStuffins exhibit in their museum. We created Doc’s “Big Book of Boo Boos” as an app for the exhibit.

In the show, Doc McStuffins relies on her Big Book of Boo Boos to diagnose her patients – usually her stuffed animals.

We turned the famous book into an interactive iPad app kids could use in the exhibit to diagnose patients.

The exhibit did so well at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, that it traveled to other state’s children’s museums. Ultimately, the Doc McStuffins exhibit sold out in record time for the next three years.

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