Dakota Grass Fed Beef

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Dakota Grass Fed Beef, one of the brands under parent company Meyer Natural Food, was operating out of a static landing page.

While the site listed all the brand’s products, the landing page was not best serving its consumers. The food brand tasked (human)x with a full audit of the landing page in order to then present an informed strategy for a website redesign.


An initial audit of Dakota Grass Fed Beef’s website showed all the successful signs of a full website – analytics, calls to action, contact features and even discount codes offered to website visitors.

While the analytics were in place, the items holding the analytics were missing from the landing page. The site needed more CTAs, more opportunities for users to engage with the page, more pages within the site and – most importantly – contact information.

Integrating Brand Updates

The Discovery and Research phase proved that a desire for “organic” meat was growing within the food industry, and because Dakota built its brand on the “Grass Fed Revolution” of its meat products, it wanted to take advantage of that term. Using the new branding developed by Dakota’s internal team, we aligned the creative strategy on the website to reinforce the brand’s language and visuals.



With many more pages on a new site to furnish, we needed fresh content that really displayed Dakota Grass Fed Beef’s products.

We took the fresh products to our studio and outdoor space in Cincinnati, Ohio. In our space, we were able to set up a test kitchen, complete with wooden tabletops and an outdoor area.

The location was versatile enough for us to shoot stylized images of the products, as well as outdoor images of people enjoying the products together.

Entire Website

Based on our Discovery of the brand, we put the pieces together of everything Dakota Grass Fed Beef needed to include on its website.We expanded the landing page to include each product, as well as a geo-locator that would allow consumers to determine the nearest location they could buy Dakota Grass Fed Beef products.

But in case consumers wanted to purchase from the site, Dakota Grass Fed Beef products were sold on the Meyer Natural Foods website.

Of course, a food brand site is not complete unless it features recipes and tips for cooking its products perfectly.

Not only did we introduce recipes to the former landing page, but we categorized each recipe, ensuring consumers could find the exact recipe they were looking for based on products and keywords.

Grass-fed Revolution Newsletter

The final touch of the website: User engagement.

Dakota Grass Fed Beef was very proud of its organic promise to its consumers. The brand not only wanted to capitalize on that promise by creating a page explaining its process to ensuring its products are GMO-free, pesticide-free and gluten-free; the brand also turned its newsletter into The Grass Fed Revolution.

Naming the newsletter provided a sense of community amongst Dakota Grass Fed Beef’s consumers. By signing up to receive the newsletter, consumers were joining The Grass Fed Revolution. Not to mention, the newsletter included recipes, special offers, and in-store and digital coupons available only to those in The Grass Fed Revolution.

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