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When Carnival Cruise lines spent $155 million to makeover their “Carnival Destiny” ship to create their new ship, “Carnival Sunshine,” we created a social contest that allowed users to take a piece of the ship – literally.

Social Contest

First, we had to find out why cruisers liked this boat so much.

Carnival Destiny has a steep history as the largest ship when she set sail in 1996. And since that day, the crowds on this boat grew to match its size.

We had to figure out what motivated these cruise-goers through a complete consumer research analysis, which showed us:

Carnival has social capital

The cruise line’s fan base is extremely engaging on their social media channels.

Passengers often fall in love (with the boat.)

Cruisers become loyal to a specific
ship. They repeatedly book the
same ship for different adventures.

The ship transformation would be bittersweet.

Because travelers were so loyal to their ship, it was like a second home to some. Saying goodbye to some of the ship’s memorable pieces wouldn’t be easy.

Gamification on Social

Carnival Cruise Line’s fan base was already active on social media, loved their ship and loved tchotchkes.

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Players earned points
for each social action.

  • Liking a Carnival Cruise Line post = 10 pts
  • Commenting on a Carnival Cruise Line post = 10 pts
  • Sharing/Retweeting a Carnival Cruise Line post = 10pts

There were a lot of rules to follow, so we then called upon our content production agency, Leap Spark to have the Carnival Cruise Ship captain himself explain everything.

Grab Your Destiny Microsite

Players could keep track of their points, through a landing page set up for the game.

It also served as a hub for Carnival Destiny fans to watch videos of the ship, look up the rules and prizes and sea how they were faring in the competition.

Matter More

Over 4 weeks, all network pages saw an increase in followers.

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Active Users
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