Admiral Nelson’s Rum

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Admiral Nelson’s Premium Spiced Rum became the “rum for the average joe.” With a full family of flavors to support the traditional spiced, Admiral Nelson’s Rum is the go-to for any occasion.


To stand out in the market, we gave Admiral Nelson’s Rum social goals that would:

  • Increase overall engagement with the brand
  • Raise the perception of Admiral Nelson’s Rum in the minds of the consumers
  • Distinguish the brand from its competitors
  • Retain its loyal followers

Party Animals

We put a plan in motion to capitalize on some of the most irresistible content: dogs. We took the concept of party animals and made it our own by creating “Party Admirals” – an ongoing collection of our consumers’ best friends, their pups.



Admiral Nelson’s Rum consumers love keeping things easy – simple cocktails, basic recipes, all with little to no effort. Enter: the “Air-Quote Cooking” campaign. Admiral Nelson’s Spiced Rum released short videos showcasing step-by-step “recipes” that can be paired with any of their cocktails. From Ungrilled Cheese (crackers and spray-cheese) to Instant Thanksgiving (canned cranberry sauce, store-bought pie, and boxed stuffing), and a Fancy Cheese Plate (string cheese cubes with toothpicks), these culinary masterpieces are the perfect, last-minute addition to any party.

Rum & Joke

Admiral Nelson’s followers were loyal, drinking the spiced rum well into their dad-years. So we invited two comedians to tell dad jokes over a glass of Admiral Nelson’s spiced rum. And it did not disappoint.


We partnered with Barstool Sports to sponsor a few episodes of their bi-weekly 20-Dollar-Chef episodes, wherein Shaun Latham, a comedian, makes $20 recipes fueled by Admiral Nelson.
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