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*Drawings are held for each survey study, with minimum prize value of $100. Odds of winning are entirely dependent on the number of qualified survey responses.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer your question by posing another question: Have you ever felt like your opinion didn’t matter?

At Leap Panel, not only do we value your opinion, we pay you for it. As a member of Leap Panel, you’ll be invited to participate in a wide array of studies on a variety of fun and engaging topics. For completing a quick survey, you’ll be entered to win a prize (event tickets, electronics, or gift cards, etc.) and for completing one of our focus groups, interviews, or product testing studies, we’ll pay you a minimum of $100. On the spot. In cash.

Joining Leap Panel is as easy as completing the form above.

We’re inherently curious and want to understand consumer habits. From time to time, we send out brief online surveys to learn about things like social media usage, how often you eat out or even inquiring about your favorite commercials.

Additionally, we work with companies to conduct research on their products and marketing – be it a website, mobile app, print ad or commercial. We might ask you to give your feedback on the ease of navigating the website or about your emotional response to a commercial.

These studies can take many forms, but most often are surveys, product testing (we invite our panelist to try a particular product), focus groups (group discussion with five to seven participants) or one-on-one interviews.

The payment varies based on the scope of the project, but any time we bring you in for a focus group, product testing or interview, we will pay you a minimum of $100 for your time – on the same day you participate.


All completed survey responses will grant the participant entry into a prize drawing exclusive to that study.


Prior to participating in the study, you will always be told how much you will be paid or what type of prize you are entering to win.

You can complete as many online surveys as we offer, but you may only take each survey once.

All paid studies are limited to six studies per calendar year (Jan.-Dec.), or $600 in total Leap Panel earnings per calendar year – whichever comes first.

To update your contact or personal information please complete this form.


In order to update your information, you must provide the email address on file.

If your email provider has a spam filter, please add to your approved senders list to make sure that you receive our emails.


For Gmail, you must add to your contacts list. Also, check your Spam folder and mark our emails as “not spam” (select email and click “not spam” button in navigation bar).


For Yahoo, check Bulk or Spam Mail folder and click the “Not Spam” button.

Your privacy is our top priority. Your personal information will not be sold or redirected to any other third party. We will only use your contact information to continue to connect with you about future research opportunities.

Any data collected from surveys will be de-identified and reported on at an aggregate level. Also, any opinions and information shared during focus groups or interviews will be reported anonymously. So, go ahead, say what you mean.