Leap to Create Custom Builder’s Tablet Specific App


Leap is in the process of creating a tablet-specific app for Custom Builders. This is an addition to the long standing relationship Leap has with Custom Builders, from when we originally created a mobile app in 2014. This tablet-specific application helps
with Custom Builder’s variety of work from working on large scale construction products such as the Florida Marlin’s stadium to now focusing on the home DIY crowd that shops at Home Depot.

The tablet app helps customers choose and have control of their design process. They can calculate the coverage, whether that is 25×25 feet and in return tells the customer how much flooring they need. There are also options from the grout selector that
helps consumers pick colors and see what it will look like next to the tile.

Leap has been part of the entire process; responsibilities have included all back-end work, technical aspects to converting the app to correct sizes for tablets. For those who already have the mobile app, this will be released as an update depending on
the size of the devise. The link to the full-site will be on the updated version along with being more user-friendly on a big screen.

The app is in the beta testing phase, and Leap is excited to help Custom Builders launch the app and help consumers design their best space. We will include more information about the app an update, once it is tested and released to the public.