Leap Successfully Creates New Site For First Student


First Student reached out to Leap to find out why their website was not getting many clicks and visits. For such a large organization, they expected a heavier traffic flow on their website. As the leading school transportation solutions provider in North America, First Student moves more passengers per day than all U.S. airlines combined. They take great pride in their ability to support education by making sure children have safe, friendly and reliable transportation to and from school. They recognize that with every stop, they have the ability to positively impact each student’s day, and they wanted their website experience to have the same type of impact.

Leap started this large project by performing a full content audit and review of First Student’s current site. After talking in-depth with First Student, they realized something very important was missing from the site: The people that make up First Student. The team members are familiar, trusted faces in the communities they serve, who are committed to easing daily transportation challenges and ensuring students have the safest and best possible ride to and from school. Two times safer than their competitors, to be exact. So Leap suggested this be a huge focal point on the new website. First Student agreed. 

Leap went on to do an entire copy and content creation phase. They wanted the site to reflect First Student’s friendly demeanor and welcoming attitude. With that, they moved on to wireframes, then created an entirely new and upgraded user experience.

To really maximize this experience, Leap’s digital department went above and beyond in helping in all stages of building the website. Leap and First Student are excited about the finished website. Be on the look out for the new site. It’s launching soon!