iTunes Features a Tasty New Podcast for Filmmakers


Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon – A self-explanatory podcast – features longtime friends and filmmakers, Brandon Faris of Leapframe and Alexander Elkins. Each week the duo catches up on what they’re watching, working on, and what’s getting them excited – all while enjoying fine, high-quality bourbon. Past the small talk, the veteran filmmakers dive deep into gear talk, process, and start fierce debates that aim to stir the pot for listeners.

Passing the Bourbon

In addition to waxing knowledge and talking smack, the upbeat and knowledgeable hosts tap into their global network of filmmaker friends to bring listeners insights from commercial and film sets in major cities like Los Angeles, New York, Austin, London and beyond.

As Brandon and Alex like to say – Cheers!

Drink Up the Ratings

  • Over 6,000 plays in only 10 episodes.
  • Played in 1,300 cities and 41 countries.
  • Four Roses Bourbon gives it a 4 ½ iTunes rating.
  • Videomaker says the podcast “just keeps getting better and better! And there is no end in sight.”
  • DISSOLVE says “the hosts are funny, the topics are interesting, and all in all it’s a fun show to listen to.”
  • Wipster says “these guys know their stuff and do a great job highlighting industry news, best practices of production, and give quality bourbon recommendations.”

Brandon and Alex Want to Partner (and drink) with You!

  1. Provide your bourbon to review on the show.
  2. Join us on the show for a 5 to 10 minute phone interview
  3. Provide a giveaway and/or swag bag for one lucky listener. (We personally like gear, apparel, and gift cards.)
  4. Promote your episode on ALL social media. (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blog, etc.)