Public Radio Partnership teams up with (human)x

radio partnership teams with leap to build boices public-radio-image

In response to the new merged government, Louisville’s Public Radio Partnership has championed the Voices and Votes website. The site is designed to be an information portal to the community, keeping citizens informed on issues, candidates, districts, election results and to encourage participation in the political process.

“Their team of professionals is intelligent and passionate about this community. The project had a very quick turnaround time, but their team was well organized and responsive, making tight deadlines possible to achieve,” said Alan Gilleo, executive vice president for Leap.

Jenny Wolf, Internet program director for public radio partnership, was enthused to be working with Leap.

“They were our first choice on this project. We knew that they would keep the lines of communications open, develop a creative look and feel for the site and develop a system that would function seamlessly; and they had to do it all in a compressed time frame.”

“My favorite feature of the site is the ‘Mayoral Match’. It is a system that allows voters to answer questions about current issues that will be facing the Louisville community.” said Daniel Knapp, president
and CEO of Leap. “After taking the survey, the voter’s answers are matched with the candidates and scored. Voters are then shown which candidate views most closely resemble their own. It is a great tool helping voters make an informed decision about their public leaders.”

About Leap

Leap is an interactive agency headquartered in Louisville, providing dynamic digital media including websites and CD/DVD presentations, intranet/extranets, streaming media and online marketing for a diversity of businesses and community icons including Kentucky Farm Bureau, Brown-Forman and the Louisville Orchestra.