Leap Poised to “Matter More” in 2014

Announcing The Hire Of Sam Douglass As VP Media + Marketing At Leap

Louisville, Ky. (12/30/2013) – At Leap, the mantra “Market Less. Matter More.” rings loud through the renovated warehouse on Technology Drive. It’s that specific point of view that brought Sam Douglass, the new VP Media + Marketing at Leap back to agency life.

“I’m a huge fan of (human)x’s POV: Market Less, Matter More,” Sam Douglass said. “The fact that (human)x knows it starts and ends with consumer understanding, acknowledging pain points and how brands can be of value to peoples’ lives is why I am here today. I’m looking forward to helping this agency shake up the industry for the better.”

With nearly 12 years of digital agency experience, Sam has worked arm-in-arm with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including Charmin, Orville Redenbacher, Red Bull, and McDonald’s. He’s led charges for global brands in some of the most competitive categories in the space, clearing the way for transformative digital thought leadership and uniquely fresh executions.

“For Alan and me, Sam helps to bookend our re-brand and emphasize how serious we are about brands enhancing their consumers lives,” Daniel Knapp, CEO of Leap said. “The breadth of brands he’s worked on didn’t hurt, but really it was his leadership, innovation, passion and energy that will add value and direction to each brand we work with.”

Already, Douglass has infused his brand experience and appreciation for frameworks into his department’s point of view. These new processes all serve to aid in clarifying what’s important, where to focus, where not to focus, and to what degree for each of Leap’s clients.

“Frameworks add clarity for making choices,” Sam Douglass said. “That’s what strategy is really – simple structures to guide complex topics or environments. I look forward to applying my understanding and experience to help Leap create a difference in digital communications and operations”

About Leap

Leap is a full-service digital agency that makes brands easy-to-find and hard-to-ignore. Believing that successful brands must market less and matter more, Leap integrates brands not just across different platforms but into people’s lives.  Leap offers a full range of digital services including Research + Analytics, Strategy + Planning, Creative + UX, Search, Social Media, Technology, Digital Campaigns + Integrated Marketing, Digital Film + Motion Graphics, and Delivery Management. For more information about Leap visit www.leapgroupnetwork.com

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