Leap Group’s full-service digital marketing agency Leap Agency has been renamed (human)x.

The name, alongside a sleek new website, was crafted to reflect our values, individuality, and bold vision for the future. Our team, services, and work are all the same award-winning quality clients love.

Why (human)x?

(human)x is powered by people.

We like to ask questions of you, your audience, and ourselves. We’re curious people, who are curious about people — because we’ve seen the exponential power humans have to solve problems, erase barriers, and connect through real human experiences.

Everything we do, from the seeds of our research to our anything-but-garden-variety creative, is rooted with that human connection. Because making breakthrough connections is the only way your business can thrive and grow.

We’ve spent decades developing and refining our human-first approach to marketing less, driven by a passion for understanding how people think and make decisions. We’re committed to helping you matter more to your customers – not through marketing, but by creating the breakthrough human experiences that inspire your audience and connect with them on a deeper, more enduring level of true value.

Our name now represents who we are.

Business Growth to the Human Power.

We are still a full-service digital agency, but we now like to think of ourselves as a bit more — your exponential growth agency.

Creating breakthrough human experiences that transform and inspire your audience isn’t a science, but we’ve got it down to one anyway. Here is our scientific process.

Breakthrough Human Insights
Research is the foundation of any good work. And our Ph.D.-led team of inquiring minds is full of anthropologists who look at each project through an academic lens to examine the nuanced human condition and extract unique human insights.

Breakthrough Creative
Our creatives are our interpreters. They take the data and insights discovered through research and use it as kindling to light a fire under emotive, provocative work that illuminates the needs and desires of the people you want to reach.

Breakthrough Human Experiences
Yes, we’re an advertising agency. But we don’t just focus on advertising—we focus on experiences. We push ourselves to use digital and traditional tactics to create relevant experiences with real value that create relevant connections between your business and your audience.

Breakthrough Performance
Once the work is done, we don’t just toss it over the fence and cross our fingers. We keep pushing. We test it, challenge it, and keep asking questions to make sure you see the exponential results that will help you achieve exponential growth.

Welcome to the power of collaboration.

The (human)x name change comes in a group-wide rebranding project. (human)x was the first to change, and it inspired a refresh for our three other agencies.

Our production agency Leap Spark is now (spark).

Our media and search agency Leap Amp is now (amp).

Our branding and design agency Leap Matter is now (matter).

The rebranding is an ode to our commitment to collaboration. Leap Group’s complementary agency model makes us a one-of-a-kind powerhouse in our industry.

We grow businesses with our specialized marketing teams. We create new possibilities with technology, creativity, and strategy. We bring big ideas into reality by working together.

That is the power of collaboration.