Understanding Website Behavior by Persona


Modern websites are so much more than a digital brochure for potential consumers to learn about your company and products. Technology has accelerated to the point that we are now not only able to collect consumer data through multiple streams, but we can utilize that data to extrapolate user preferences, needs, wants and behaviors and adjust our website experiences accordingly. If your business is looking to grow and expand its target audience, you may begin by developing personas to create customized user experiences anytime a consumer visits your site or interacts with your online content.

Creating Data-Driven Personas

Personas inform messaging, content and overall user experience. They enable your business to create personalized website experiences so that different user personas can interact differently with site content, which radically increases opportunities to move consumers toward conversion. Essentially, establishing personas and creating content around them makes each consumer feel like we’re talking directly to them.

As a strategic digital marketing agency, (human)x intentionally builds every client project on thoroughly developed user personas. These personas are created by our research and strategy team, who examines demographic, gender, cultural data, and psychographics of your target audience/ The research team then coordinates with our creative team, which identifies data patterns and condenses the data into descriptions that tell us more about users’ goals, skills and backgrounds. As Laura Valentine, an analyst on Leap’s market research team, notes, “A persona is a sophisticated distillation of audience data into a highly actionable, functional, usable guidebook to strategy. They are more dynamic than market segments and are more capable of realistically describing the audience.” And they are every bit as necessary as an eye-catching logo or trendy tagline.

Sitefinity Insights + Personas

Leap  utilized Sitefinity Insights, a very robust content management system that can also provide extensive user data, to design and develop INDCO’s first e-commerce website. Since then, we have continued to partner with Sitefinity Insights to expand the way we develop personalized content for clients and target multiple audience segments, including creating personalized campaign messaging, persona-based landing pages, and suggested product add-ons, coupons or discount codes during checkout.

As a business owner, you have so many decisions to make about how and where to delegate tasks, time and budget, so developing personas and building custom content around them all depends on how complex you’d like to make this process. Tailoring a website and multiple ad campaigns to various personas, as well as the inevitable site maintenance this brings with it, takes time and manpower, and the process can seem daunting. But creating personas that lead to subtle online customizations go a long way to help consumers feel seen, understood and ready to convert. If you’d like to reach your target audience segments through a higher level of personalized UX, reach out to us at (human)x. We not only have the capacity to gather and synthesize your user data, we use it to make your website more personalized. It’s all about knowing how to leverage your information, and that’s exactly what Leap can give you.