Creating Your Website’s Consumer Journey – Sitefinity Summit

your websites consuemr journey sitefinity summit


Dan Galvin, Vice President of Opportunity and Development, and Michael Wunsch, Vice President of Digital Performance at Leap were recently featured speakers at the Sitefinity Summit in Indianapolis. This interactive digital summit engages all who attend in how we can collaborate to deepen customer relationships. This was a great opportunity for Leap to connect with Sitefinity’s customer base and use our expertise to speak on the consumer journey and persona building.

It was a great experience! Their presentation focused on providing insights into the consumer journey. They gave a great lesson on how to properly leverage websites to connect consumers to buying opportunities.

The presentation included:

  • A how-to of persona development
  • Measuring tools for success
  • The construction of a consumer journey map
  • Examples of content that connects brands to consumers
  • Overarching website strategy based on consumer journey
  • Ways to ensure your site converts visitors
  • How to build a hardworking website that gets results