Account-Based Marketing: The humanView Approach

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Effective marketing strategies go beyond generic approaches. In today’s dynamic landscape, the most successful brands have shifted towards a more nuanced and tailored method known as account-based marketing (ABM). Unlike broad-reaching tactics, ABM empowers marketers to precisely segment, understand, and engage with their target audiences and businesses. This personalized approach crafts individualized buying journeys, resulting in substantial returns on investment.

The advent of our cutting-edge platform, humanView, has revolutionized the way marketers harness data for their ABM strategies. With an increasing number of clients leveraging humanView’s capabilities, we are achieving unprecedented marketing results. Before delving into the myriad benefits of humanView, let’s first establish a comprehensive understanding of what ABM entails and its relevance in contemporary marketing.

What is account-based marketing?

No brand wants to waste time, money and resources on unqualified leads that aren’t the right fit for your products. While content marketing and lead-based marketing will always be vital to company growth, account-based marketing streamlines and simplifies the marketing process by allowing brands to sell directly to their best-fit and most engaged audiences.

Account-based marketing is a B2B strategy that combines the power of both sales and marketing teams and allows them to target specific, high-value accounts. ABM serves as the nexus where sales and marketing experts collaborate, working towards shared goals with a coordinated strategy. The core benefit of ABM lies in its ability to help companies identify consumers most likely to connect with their brands. defining account based marketing strategy

At its essence, ABM is all about efficiency. The strategy allows brands to focus on high-value accounts, create personalized buying experiences for them, and develop strong relationships that lead to loyal customer accounts and increased profits.

The primary objective of ABM is to align the sales and marketing processes seamlessly. This synchronization allows brands to cultivate relationships with specific, targeted accounts, optimizing conversions to the fullest extent possible. As account-based marketing swiftly gains prominence, the question arises: What precisely are the benefits of incorporating this tool into your brand’s marketing toolbox?

What are the benefits of account-based marketing?

Incorporating account-based marketing (ABM) into your brand strategy offers a multitude of benefits that position your brand for success while mitigating the risk of falling behind more forward-thinking competitors. The growing significance of ABM in achieving marketing success is underscored by the projected global ABM market reaching $1.6 billion by 2027. With only 17% of marketers presently operating from a mature account-based marketing strategy, embracing ABM now places your brand ahead of the curve.

Why embrace ABM?

  • Relevant, personalized messaging. The depth and specificity of the data you collect can be used to personalize your campaign, website, and landing page content so it speaks directly to target audiences and creates a consistent customer experience.
  • Smarter sales funnels. ABM eliminates the inefficiencies of pursuing lukewarm leads or disinterested audiences. Instead, it allows your brand to focus precisely on the most high-value possibilities, optimizing your sales efforts for maximum impact.
  • Dynamic account retargeting. ABM can identify accounts by IP addresses and serve them relevant advertisements that meet them at their stage of the buying journey.
  • Reduced miscommunications. ABM acts as a unifying force, aligning internal sales and marketing departments with cohesive goals. This alignment minimizes miscommunications, fostering a synergistic approach that maximizes the effectiveness of your ABM strategy.

Can my team implement account-based marketing?

If you’d like to tackle the task of implementing ABM internally, there are a few necessary steps you’ll need to follow to be as successful as possible. The process can be time-consuming and may require additional training, staffing and resources, but it can be done. You can choose to partner with a media agency like (human)x and let them handle the details, or you can build your ABM strategy internally.

If you decide to develop your ABM in-house, begin by facilitating a collaborative work environment for your sales and marketing teams so they can create shared messaging and goals. Then spend time identifying target accounts that are like your past or present accounts or by researching the accounts your competitors are already targeting. Press releases and online articles are also great sources of information that can guide you toward business accounts that would benefit from your products.

After you’ve identified a strong list of qualified leads, the next step is to prioritize contacting individuals at each business and establishing a relationship. Then, create customized content that targets each prospective account with tailored messaging that speaks to their unique needs. Lastly, be sure to measure the results of your efforts. Performance metrics like engagement rates, click-through rates, cross-sells and upsells, along with conversion rates, can give you a well-rounded picture of your strategy’s effectiveness.

How can humanView streamline my account-based marketing strategy?

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While account-based marketing is a powerful strategy, its implementation can be complex. If your brand is seeking to enhance its marketing strategy with expert guidance, consider the remarkable benefits offered by our humanView platform.

At (human)x, we designed the humanView platform to empower clients in enriching their first-party data for more informed business decisions. Leveraging key variables such as buying habits, brand preferences, and life events, humanView identifies prime consumers who are most likely to engage with your brand’s products or services. The platform goes beyond by collecting essential demographic information, providing a comprehensive understanding of individual consumer needs and desires. Regular updates and data sourcing from thousands of points ensure continuous accuracy.

Key Benefits of humanView:

  1. Audience Segmentation: humanView organizes and categorizes a brand’s existing data, facilitating the separation of their audience into distinct buyer groups. This segmentation allows for targeted and personalized marketing efforts.
  2. Deep Audience Understanding: The platform extracts meaningful insights from a brand’s data set, offering marketers a profound understanding of their audience’s personalities, interests, cultures, professions, and key demographics. This deep understanding enhances the effectiveness of marketing strategies.
  3. Targeted Approach Guidance: humanView guides users on effectively approaching their target consumers, incorporating AI chat simulation functions to aid in the engagement process. This ensures a strategic and personalized approach in reaching your audience.


The humanView platform not only provides critical demographic data and tools, but it also offers additional features like audience intelligence data collection, audience behaviors information, and panel-based learning insights. To learn more about account-based marketing and how you can improve your strategy with humanView, visit our website or contact us for a consultation.